How About Eyebrows?

I've been wondering about the popularity of mustaches as a motif. I'm not sure I understand it. I mean, mustaches are just facial hair. Given, they're manly and come in lots of fun styles, but separated from mouths, they're not especially expressive. But perhaps manly and fun (ironic?) are enough. I can accept that.

At the same time, I'd like to make the case for eyebrows as a motif --- not in place of mustaches but along with them (but on their own, not together with mustaches; that would be too much). They're hair. They come in lots of fun styles. They're manly --- or womanly. And they're expressive, even without the eyes they grace.

Eyebrows are as versatile as mustaches are as a design element. Thus, I contend, anywhere you might playfully place a decorative mustache you can equally --- and perhaps even a touch more meaningfully --- place a set of eyebrows.  

For example: Planter



Improbable Photo Subjects

I rest my case.

Until next time --

Linda Purty Bird