Back To School Crafts

August is special because while your thoughts begin to turn to fall and the beginning of a new school year, you can still have a few lazy weeks to fill up -- with projects! Here is a roundup of a few ideas that will prepare you for the return to the academic calendar:

Binder Cover Tutorials

This tutorial by Meg McElwee is very straight forward and could be modified to cover anything in a book format.
Beat-up Binder Makeover via
Jana Nielson of Lola. . .again put together a tutorial for a binder with inside flap pockets for pencils, calculators, etc.
Binder Cover Tutorial via Lola...again

iPad Case Tutorials

If your educational institution has made the leap from textbooks to iPads here are some interesting accessories for your fount of knowledge:

Natalie of Creme de la Craft shows you the steps to put together a very fancy iPad case from a bubble mailer. Again a great project to adapt for other tablet type devices:
Bubble Mailer iPad case via Creme de la Craft
This tutorial for a gorgeous iPad case designed by Chica of Chica and Joe includes a stand so you can watch educational videos.
Make an iPad Cover via Chica and Joe

Polymer Clay Pen Tutorial

Even with all the gadgets in our lives we still need pens. Here is a tutorial by Creative in Chicago to help you put together this statement accessory:
Polymer Clay Pen Tutorial via Creative in Chicago
So get busy!