Art Stores in NYC

I just loved Tracey's blog post this week, which listed many of New York's sewing supplies stores, and thought it would be equally great to list art supply stores in Manhattan as well.

Even if you're not an artist, undoubtedly whatever you make might need a splash of color at some point, some varnish, a brush to apply everything with, or a sketchbook to work out your ideas.

I know that, for myself, I've been meaning to check out some of the city's art suppliers, other than my usual haunts. Here are some offerings:

Pearl Fine Art Supplies
308 Canal Street
(212) 431-7932

237 West 23rd Street
(212) 675-8699

New York Central Art Supply
62 3rd Avenue
(212) 473-7705

Blick Art Materials
1 Bond Street
(212) 533-2444

DaVinci Artist Supply
132 West 21st Street
(212) 871-0220

Lee's Art Shop
220 West 57th Street
(212) 247-0110

And for you crafters:

Little Shop of Crafts
431 E 73rd St. (between First and York Aves). 711 Amsterdam Ave. (at 94th St).

Beads of Paradise
16 E 17th St. (between Broadway and Sixth Ave.)

33 E 65th St., second floor (between Madison and Park Avenues)

Until next time!
Mary Ann

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