Better Than Jam Partners with the {NewNew} at Governors Island!

This summer, the Better Than Jam Co-op is bringing the work of some of New York City’s most talented artists and crafters to historic Governors Island!
From May 27 through September 5, one of the island’s historic houses will become a veritable treasure chest, filled with the work of local designers who have turned their eye toward the island just off the shore of Manhattan for inspiration.
Once used by the local Lenape Indians, Governors Island received its name when New York was a British colony and it was reserved exclusively for the royal governors.  Two historic fortifications were placed here preceding the War of 1812.  In 2001, this strategically located island became a national monument and remains the perfect summer day trip destination thanks to its vast public open spaces, biking, concerts, festivals and more.
“Because of its special place both geographically, Governors Island has a feel that is completely different from anywhere else in New York City,” says Karin Persan, proprietor of Better Than Jam. “This has been a source of incredible inspiration for our participating artists, who’ve drawn on the island’s past and present—both real and imagined—to create products especially for the shop.”
For example, Groundsel is producing a line of recycled cotton messenger bags, hand-embellished with motifs inspired by the history and architecture of Governors Island. It’s the perfect bag for your bicycle outings around the island and elsewhere in New York.
J. Topolski has created hand-cut and -etched copper pieces in the shape of a giant squid, spinal vertebrae, and an ouroboros (the snake that eats its own tail). The ouroboros also features real snakeskin in the groove of etched metal, covered in resin, continuing the artist’s use of natural materials like shed reptile skins and bones.

 “Ultimately, the goal of Better Than Jam’s collaboration with Governors Island is to offer visitors a handmade and local shopping experience within the setting of a unique and historically rich public space,” says Persan.

In partnering with Governors Island, Better Than Jam hopes to create context around artisanal processes and inspiration. Better Than Jam’s pop-up shop will complement and add to the Island’s growing popularity, allowing visitors to take home a tangible memento from their Governor’s Island visit—a souvenir that was designed and created just a ferry ride away!
About Better Than Jam: Established in Bushwick Brooklyn, a neighborhood rich in history and brimming with an artistic community, Better Than Jam Handmade Co-Op showcases a variety of clothing, jewelry, and accessories created by some of NYC’s most talented artists and craftspeople.  It brings to the forefront local accomplished designers that make 100% handmade and high quality items at a fair price.
WHAT: Better Than Jam Summer Pop-Up Shop
WHEN: 11am – 4pm Friday, 11am – 5pm Saturday and Sunday from May 27th-September 25th 2011
WHERE: Historic Home 6B, Nolan Park, Governors Island