Make your own Value Cards

Value cards made by Louise

How can we live our life authentically if we don't understand what our values are? Today we are going to spend some time, identifying and re-connecting with our values, creating some artwork around them so we can keep them close by to remind us.

When you are aligned with your values and live your life with those in mind, you will feel fulfilled and energized. If values are not reflected in your work or daily life, if you are compromising your values, then you may feel resentful, frustrated and burned out.

Identifying values from anger

Think about the kind of things that have made you angry. What was happening? What is it about these situations that upset you the most? Write down your descriptions and flip them around - these can help you identify what you value. Anger can indicate a trampled value. When you are feeling unsatisfied and angry about something, chances are your values are not being honored.

Who do you Admire & Why?

Looking at people you admire - whether they are friends or people in the public eye can help you identify what your own core values are. It helps to think about what you admire in these people to help you unearth what means the most to you.

Deck of Value Cards

Creating a deck of Value cards (like the ones in the picture above) will help you consciously focus on one value at a time. You can simply use index cards, pictures and letters/words from magazines and bind them together using a binder ring or tie with a ribbon. Similar to when the newnew blog covered making a vision board, you can create mini cards to hang around your studio or bedroom.

  • Create a list of your values
  • Download the Values document to get you started.
  • You can use the exercises above related to anger and looking at what you admire in other people to create your list of your own values.
  • Choose 3-5 to create a card deck of your values. Feel free to create more if you wish. You will need:
    • Index cards/cardboard either 4x6 or 5x7 (pick a size that feels comfortable to you)
    • Magazines
    • Scissors
    • Glue
    • Hole punch (optional)
    • A binding ring or some ribbon

Louise Gale - Your Creative Career Consultant for The New New Blog