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Fashion Week has descended upon us, and while the catwalks at Lincoln Center are focused on the hot looks for Fall 2011, we here at the {NewNew} felt it would be more timely and appropriate to glimpse back at what’s coming up for Spring 2011. As we’re all ready to give winter the collective middle finger (had your fill of overcast skies, sub-zero temps and piles of dirty, slushy snow anyone?), let’s cast our attention to what awaits us once those first buds of spring start gracing us with their heavenly presence.

We’ve put our own spin on how to pick up the trends of Spring via the fabulous offerings of our team - hopefully this will tie you over through these last 2 months of winter!

Hot Trends for Spring 2011 - {NewNew} Style:

Femme Biker Chic - a spinoff of military-chic trends of the past, this latest look incorporates edgier elements with softer accents. Think zippers with quilting.
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Quilted Wool Felt Wall Hanging - StephanieMonroe

Zipper Handbag - Rosirouge

Dolman Sleeves/Fuller Silouettes - Tops have slowly become more full, boxy and cropped over the past few seasons; fuller silouettes and clasic dolman sleeves will be more visible this spring.
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Silver Suit Boutique Dress - Better Than Jam

Herringbone Wool Jacket - Jess Witaj

“Loungerie” - Elements of lingerie have infiltrated outerwear. Less about overt references to sex (a la Madonna in the 80’s. And 90’s. And...well, nevermind). This is more soft, nostalgic, romantic...think subtle featherweight fabrics, silks, fine cottons, blends and lace.
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Women's Silkscreened Nighty - KimmChi

Cloud Lace Ring - Ardent1

Punk Fashion - Similar to Biker Chic, this mixes punk elements with softer elements (i.e. femme). Add touches of studs, heavy boots and safety pins to your look.
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Sterling Silver Faceted Cube Earrings - KnockKnockStudio

Much Dreaming and Many Words, Mixed Media - Halflight

Pink Cake Boot - Allene La Spina

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