Cupid’s Lessons on Love and Work

Valentine's day on a Monday, it’s a combination that makes Cupid want to break his arrows in half and hang up his wings.  Why?  Well who has time for candle light dinners, chocolates and romance on a Monday?  I have work to do, lots of work.  It is Monday after all. 
What’s that Cupid?  You say I can take some time for romance and the world won’t fall to pieces.  Ok you winged wonder of wisdom, I’m listening...

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An Interview with Cupid
  • Remember you are more than your job.  When you work day and night for another person or yourself you surrender control of your life.  If you really want to have time for love you need to take control of your life back. Set a time and shut off work.
  • It won’t be easy to just shut work off but do it.   Then, practice being present and mindful.  When you are with that other special person really be there in that moment and try not to let your mind wander back to the issues of the workday.  It will take practice, but with practice you will get better.
With practice you can get the work, life, love thing in the bag
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  • Learn that your value is as a whole person, it is not simply defined by your work.  It is the whole person that you bring into a relationship. 
  • Prioritize.  Did you make a date for tonight?  Then keep it.  Your workbench and computer will be there in the morning.  You can go in early if you have to.
  • Realize that ultimately it is up to you.  Sure, you can keep ducking my arrows by hiding under you pile of paperwork or deflecting them with your knitting needles.  OR you can let my arrow hit its mark.
It's a busy day, even Cupid enlists help
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Well now Cupid, I see what you’re talking about.  Ouch, hey, what was that?  I have a gold arrow in my butt.  Seriously, was I that hard to hit?  Okay already, I suppose I don’t really have to work until 8 as usual tonight and so what if I skip an evening of sewing.  It is Valentine's day after all – and my sewing machine doesn't kiss nearly as well as my boyfriend.
Make time for your stud
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Have a wonderful Valentine's Day everyone
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