Ready, Set, Thing-a-Day

Tomorrow is the opening day to sign up for the Thing-a-Day project. The premise of this month-long event is to give your creative spirit a workout by making a thing a day. The project brings to front the "long artistic tradition where endurance, perseverance, and hard work [converge into] one solid path towards personal, and sometimes professional, fulfillment."
Swirls by groundsel
ZeFrank originally inspired this project after having posted a new piece of original content on his website every day for a year and presenting such a challenge to one of his classes at NYU's Tisch School of Arts. In 2007, students from the class launched the first public Thing-a-Day, which is now in its 5th year.
Potato Stamps by LittleBunny
To me, the beauty of Thing-a-Day is that you can make anything; on the blog you will find a daily collection of compositions, drawings, explorations in electrical engineering, landscape photographs, photographs of lovingly prepared dishes, writings--if your creative spirit can conjure it up, it's probably on the site.
Greek Salad by WabisabyBrooklyn
And here's my personal favorite: Louise's collection of mini vegetables. Every time I saw her last year, she was working on another healthy yarn project.
Collection of Tiny Vegetables by Warpedesign
I hope you feel inspired. Sign up for Thing-a-Day begins on January 21st and ends promptly at Midnight February 1st.