Celebrate National Hot Tea Month with the {NewNew)

I love coffee. In fact, I'm kind of a coffee snob. I love me a cup of strong joe, with just enough sugar to bring out the taste and a bit of milk for mellowing. I actually didn't start drinking coffee until I quit smoking. I hated it at first! But like any good addict I persevered and now am happily ensconced in my 2-cup-a-day habit. So why is this blog about tea? Because I needed a topic and discovered January is National Hot Tea Month. And luckily, the artisans of the {NewNew} are very tea-inspired! So cozy up with your favorite warm beverage and check out these whimsical offerings!

tamaragarvey's awesome original cotton fabric - tea and cakes

mcflashpants has made a pendant from slices of a teapot spout!
This print by virginiakraljevic keeps me smiling:
Use nordeasoaperie's Stinky Soap with tea tree oil to help balance your complexion:
Lipeony's Sir Octopus and his Afternoon Tea demonstrates the benefits of having 8 arms:
Who wouldn't love to find Grace Notes Papers invitation to a tea party in their mail box?
Knit your own hand warmer mug cozie with KnitKnit's pattern!
I absolutely adore this Fonz Mug from LennyMud:

Until next time, toodle-oolong,