Autumn Plums

I will admit to a bit of a weakness for fashion magazines. My sister collects soda bottle caps and about the only thing you can really get with them is lots and lots of magazine subscriptions. That being said, the fall issues of "Lucky," "W" and "Vogue" have made me a very happy girl when it comes to color pallet.

Previous seasons of grays and pastels and muted neutrals - BLETCH! I hate beige. I'll say it. I hate it, I hate beige. So, I was quite thrilled to see all the gloriously deeply hued and fully saturated jewel tones all over the fall page spreads. Plums and purples are two of the most important, so they say.

The great thing is, especially when it comes to playing with the colors of fall, you don't have to have the latest designer dress--or even dress up! That's one reason I wanted to feature {NewNew} member, KimmChi 's etsy shop. Kimm Alfonso, creator, is a Brooklyn-based artist who uses silkscreening to add strong, bold and abstract designs to American made clothing.

She also has several shirts in gorgeous shades of purple! A personal favorite, accented with an art deco inspired design in pink, is shown here. (A cap-sleeved variation is also available at her Etsy shop.) And don't worry, if purple's not your color, she has plenty of variety, too.

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