Postcards From The Road

Are you on vacation? Is it time for you to remind your hardworking friends at home that you are thinking of them? Can't find a postcard that truly describes the beauty of the place you're visiting? Just make your own.

All you need are scissors, some sort of card stock (a cereal box will do) and whatever art supplies you can hunt down at your vacation abode. I tend to travel with a backpack full to entertain the kids in the traveling party, but I'm sure you can come up with a creative piece even if you just have a ball point pen.

Crayon and a Paper Bag

Look at the interesting paper you get when you purchase something from the local merchants. Hmm, cut it into a skyline and glue it onto a crayon sunset.

Leaf Prints

Okay, so you may not travel with water colors, but just in case you do, turn a special leaf you found on a leisurely walk into a leaf print. Apply paint to the ribbed side of the leaf and use a bottle (sunscreen in this case) as a rolling pin to print a design.


Our trip was dominated by the purchase of these hamster erasers. Here is a marker portrait.

Ransom Note

Kidnappers must have a lot of time on their hands because it took longer than I thought (30 minutes) to cut out these letters from travel brochures we picked up.

The standard postcard size is 3.4" to 4.25" high and 5" to 6" long. Don't have a ruler to measure your card? Use a promotional card from a coffee shop as a template.

Happy Travels