Wardrobe Refashion: Thanks Mom!

We learn a lot of things at our mother's knee. And I learned pretty quickly from my friends that they didn't learn the same things from their mom. I was secretly happy about this. But maybe that's another story.

This story is supposed to be about handmade things. First and foremost, my mom made a lot clothes for me growing up. She knits, she sews, she even macrames. I loved going to the fabric store. I could touch everything and somehow from just an idea my mom could make an entire outfit. It was magic.

Although there came an age when I thought I was too cool to wear clothes that my mom made, luckily I grew out of that.

Going to a Father-Daughter Dance, my mom made both the shirt and skirt. That was one of my favorite outfits for as long as it fit. My mom reminds me that there was a vest that matched the skirt too. I was really into vests.

My first knitted hat. We can't remember if my mom made it when I was 4 or 5, but it was ... ahem... a little big. It and the matching scarf served much better when I left California for Upstate NY. I'd grown out of the mittens by then though.

Still one of my favorite skirts that I wear almost all summer.

This was my wedding dress (we're not so traditional). I was so honored when my mom offered to make this for me. And then I was amazed that it fit perfectly despite the lack of fittings since she lives across the country from me.

So thanks Mom! Besides a love of handmade you encouraged every project and creative endeavor. I'm so happy to follow at least a little in your footsteps.

And thanks to all the rest of the moms out there who are giving their children things they make with their own hands. There's no substitute for it.

- Karen
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