How to: Make a flower hair pin for the wedding party.

Recently my friend got engaged and I am lucky enough to be in the wedding, I mean it!
Some girls don't like this duty but my friend is awesome and hasn't turned into a bridezilla - yet.
When I picture wedding parties I always imagine cute flowers in the girls hair and I love hair accessories in general. This is a mad fresh, economical way to reuse fabric scraps that I never seem to want to part with for some strange reason. These fabric flowers couldn't be simpler and will not wilt through a full day of drinking, dancing and eating. Oh, I just thought of something you could attach these to safety pins and make some for the guys's tux's too!

First take a scrap piece of fabric, fold it in half and cut it in the shape of a petal, whatever kind of shape you like.

Repeat this step varying sizes and shapes with different and interesting scrap fabrics.

Arrange your pieces to form an abstract flower, cut two little pieces for the center, any shape you like.

Now just start stitching everything together. Double up your thread for a little strength. Be sure to leave enough thread at the end for tying and when you are finished sewing leave a long end.

Get a nice little bobby pin, I like using the traditional small tight fitting ones.

Turn the flower over, use the extra thread you left in the beginning and end of sewing to tie to the bobby pin where the bobby pin folds, tie a bunch of knots and put a dab of hot glue to keep the flower tied on if you wish.

Now just pin it in your hair and get ready for a day of being yelled at by your BFF bride.