Alternative Cake Toppers by the NewNew

The old plastic-cast figurines have largely been tossed aside for cake toppers that better capture the unique nature of the wedding couple's personalities. Here are a few ideas from the NewNew for fresh and personal looks to dress up your cake.

What could be more sweet than the beloveds' names stitched out simply together? MiniatureRhino offers custom embroidery that brings your names and hearts into one that could go on top of your cake, and then into your home.

So many couples are brought together by a shared interest, and I picture this as adorning a cake for beer aficionados. DeafDog's bottle caps saying "I {heart} U" will highlight both your love for each other and your enthusiasm for life's pleasures.
Whatever animals you might choose to represent yourselves, Smallest Friend can make adorable felted creatures to your specifications. Your pets together, creatures based on your nicknames or favorite pairings (I'm partial to unicorn + narwhal) are all wonderful ways to bring charm to your cake display.
For something a little more symbolic, a tree is a great representation of the growth of your relationship and looks forward to the marriage together. There are a few different varieties by winsome hollow. Choose which is most like you.

There has been a lot of attention to choosing cupcakes instead of a more formal cake for weddings. Consider an arrangement with all of the cupcakes displayed on a charming plate by May Luk.

Once you've picked out your perfect cake topper (or cupcake decor), on your special day the only thing you'll have to worry about the cake is to smoosh or not to smoosh.