Love is Kind :: A Valentine's Pillow How-To

Beat the February Blues by doing a quick project to get in the love spirit. This Valentine pillow can be finished in one evening, which leaves you the rest of the month to fill the heart pocket with fun things to Be Your Own Valentine.

Pillow fabric - 2 pieces of 15x9 inch fabric
Heart pocket fabric: 2 small pieces of fabric, enough for the size of your pocket (can be different patterns)
Fabric scissors
Fabric pencil
Thread for embroidery
Pillow Stuffing
** I used a sewing machine for this project, but you can just as easily sew by hand.**

1. Layer the heart fabric together with right sides facing out and fold in half. Draw half a heart against the folded edge with your fabric pencil and cut out.

2. Using your sewing machine, finish the ends (I used a blanket stitch).

3. Take the finished heart pocket and embroider or embellish as you desire.

4. Pin the heart pocket to the right side of front pillow fabric and sew the heart on. You want to make the heart a pocket, so sew from a quarter along the curve down to the point and back up to a quarter up the curve. This way the top of the heart doesn't flop down yet the top forms a pocket.
5. Take the two pieces of pillow fabric and with right sides facing together, sew a quarter inch from the edge all around the pillow, leaving 3 inches open at the end.

6. Turn the pillow inside out so the right sides face out. Press the seams down with an iron, and sew one eighth of an inch along the edges, making sure to leave those three inches open at the end.
7. Fill the pillow with the stuffing and sew closed.

8. And now is the fun part! Fill the pocket with things to brighten your day and to remind yourself to Be Your Own Valentine. I chose an organic chocolate bar and an adorable charm necklace from {NewNew} member p*Charming.

Have a fantastic day!