Upcycle How-To: Holey Sweater Hats, Batman!

It's a fact that one of the best ways to keep warm is to cover your head. Unfortunately two other things are also usually true by this time in the winter. I've gotten bored with my current hats, and I've managed to ruin one of my favorite sweaters. Here is a simple sewing "How-To" to turn a holey sweater into two fun new hats.

Roughly cut up the sweater into useful pieces for both hats like this:
Now we're ready to start on Hat #1. So far this has been described by onlookers as "Asian-inspired" or "Modified Pillbox," but I figure that a hat by any other name will look as sweet.

Cut your large circle, and two pieces of the 3" band which are each 1/2 of around your head plus 2".

Pin and stitch (using a zig-zag or serger stitch to allow the hat to stretch) with 1" seam allowance at the finished edge diagonally to no seam allowance at the point of the unfinished edge.

This might give a slight point at the seams, so just cut at part off to make an smooth band.Pin band down to round with finished edge facing the center onto your large circle. There will probably be way too much seam allowance on the round, so just cut it off to match the edge of the band. wherever it makes a nice circle. Stitch with just 1/4" seam allowance (again using a zig-zag stitch or serger) around the circle.
Turn it right-side out, and put on your finished hat and show off your eco-friendly handywork.

Let's begin on hat #2. I refer to this style as "Mob Cap," but some others have insisted it's "Chef."

Cut your large circle, and 1 piece for the band which goes around your head plus 1".
Pin and stitch band (using a zig-zag or serger stitch to allow the hat to stretch) with 1/2" seam allowance to make a ring.
Sew 2 rows of shirring (either a large running stitch if by hand, or a straight stitch on the longest stitch length of your sewing machine) around your large circle. Leave long tails to pull the shirring tighter. Pull the threads until the edge of your circle is the same size as the band. Pin into place (wrong sides together, of course), and stitch around with 1/4" seam allowance.
Turn right-side out, and model it for anyone willing to look!

Now that you've finished two hats in the same fabric, you could get a hat accessory that could play double duty. Since my hats are orange, I'm partial to this threaded pin by urbahnika.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and continue to let the NewNew blog keep you warm!