Mother’s Day Gift Guide + GIVEAWAY

If you are still looking for that perfect gift for mom, why not give her an ETSY gift card?

After you treat her to a delicious meal she can spend her day browsing the beautiful handmade creations that ETSY artisans offer!

To make shopping easier for her, here is a gift guide with some fabulous finds:

  1. Katrinreifeiss
  2. TamaraGarvey
  3. SdVDesigns
  4. LifeIsBalance
  5. LoellaMedina
  6. JqLovesu
  7. Katrinreifeiss
  8. SdVDesigns
  9. JqLovesu
  10. KnittingGuru
  11. LoellaMedina

Also, this month we have a special Mother’s Day GIVEAWAY!!

Tracey Toole, owner, maker and designer of etsy shop traceytoole is generously giving away this beautiful handmade apron and bandanna scarf. She designs and sews all her products in her Brooklyn studio and specializes in custom aprons for commercial use.

How can you win one of these fabulous traceytoole creations?

It’s simple – all you have to do is “Like” her page on Facebook and write a comment with the hashtag #MayGiveaway and you’ll be entered to win – it’s that easy!

Hurry, contest ends on May 23, 2014, two lucky winners will be selected!

Giveaway by TraceyToole
Giveaway by TraceyToole

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Rekha Krishnamurthi  //  DivineNYCo

Treasury Seekers

An Etsy Treasury is an ever-changing, member curated shopping gallery of hand picked items. Both Etsy buyers and sellers can create beautiful photo montages of their favorites. Not everyone who makes an Etsy Treasury cares about it later appearing on Etsy's frontpage (which can bring views and sales to the featured shops) ... they're creating for the joy of creating. But many people wonder if there are any "insider" secrets to be learned from Etsy artists who consistently curate great treasuries.

A NewNew Treasury curated by Kimm Chi.

The NewNew team is lucky to have Anne, who owns a shop called Felt It, as a member. Anne makes items for children and adult that feature whimsical and colorful eco-felt appliques. She brings her eye for composition and color to each treasury she creates, and she has created HUNDREDS. We asked her to share her secrets to Treasury Hunting here with us on the blog.

Treasury curated by Muppetloon (anne from Felt It)

How long had you had your etsy shop when you first started making treasuries?

I started making treasuries when I was simply a buyer and not a seller. It was a way to gather some of my favorite items and to get to know the makers.

Do you remember what your first collection was?

I don't remember my first collection made, but I do remember the first treasury that I made that went to the frontpage. It was not for the {NewNew}, as I wasn't a member yet. It was a collection called "Spring at Grandmother's in Paris". I loved those items and so did someone at

How many treasuries would you guestimate you've made?

I have made hundreds of them. They refresh every few days and I try to make it each week at least once or twice. I have been at this now for about two years.

Do you pre-plan before the treasuries open?

When I find myself surfing the internet without much purpose, I open etsy's poster sketch page and put one together. It's there waiting when the treasury opens and I'm all set.

Do you title the treasury after you make it or before?

The title usually comes after I have made the treasury.

Any secret tips?

Check the treasury clock at, but it is only an estimate and it is usually 15-30 minutes off.

What should people making treasuries NOT do?

Just use the same people over and over. It is boring. Also, don't ignore what they are putting up on the frontpage. The individuals who choose the front page over at Etsy like certain colors or items at certain times and not others. Pay attention. Also remember why you are making the treasury. If I am making a treasury for the {NewNew} it is to show some of the best photographed items in their shops.

Are you excited at the recent announcement that Etsy will use more member curated treasuries on the front page?

Of course!

We are excited to bring you a giveaway from Anne's shop!! Today you can win ONE BABY BODYSUIT OF YOUR CHOICE (here is just one example)

OR...ONE TODDLER T SHIRT OF YOUR CHOICE (here is just one example)

Just visit Anne's shop HERE and come back and leave a comment saying what your favorite item was., or facebook about this giveaway (post links) and get additional entries for each! U.S. entries only please. Don't forget to view older posts for giveaways that are still going on! THIS ONE ENDS 4/6/10