Eating Good at Chelsea Market, While Shopping at the 2016 Holiday Handmade Cavalcade

One of the best things about the Holiday Handmade Cavalcade is its location, in Chelsea Market. Chelsea Market is chock full of good things to eat and I’m going to share some of my favorites!

If you love coffee like I do, you will appreciate the smoothness of a 9th Street Espresso cappuccino. Named after its original site in the East Village, this location is sort of in the middle of Chelsea market.

The Cavalcade is just across from Amy’s Bread, where in addition to loaves, slices of cake, cupcakes and other delicious baked goods, you can get freshly made sandwiches. Amy’s also has, in my opinion, some of the best lemonade around!

When you’re craving Thai, I recommend Chelsea Thai Wholesale. Here, you can buy authentic Thai grocery ingredients as well as a comprehensive selection of prepared-to-order food. Here’s my Pad See Ew with tender rice noodles and chicken.

Another fantastic choice – and super cheap – is Los Tacos No. 1. Just look for the line (don’t worry, it moves very quickly!) by the tea and spice place. I love the molcajte mortar and pestles that hold the serve-yourself salsas and lime wedges.

It’s pretty common to see people feasting on whole lobsters from The Lobster Place. I asked a couple if they would mind my taking a picture because, really, what more is there to say!

Inside Buon Italia, there is a vast selection of hard-to-find authentic Italian ingredients to make your own meals.  Outside, there are prepared foods to eat on-site.

Dickson’s Farmstand creates sandwiches and hotdogs from their house-made charcuterie. Take home a freshly made rotisserie chicken and sides for an easy dinner.

Indie Fresh features a health-conscious, organic lineup of soups, salads, mains, and juices along with many vegan options.

It’s important to stay well-fed while shopping the Holiday handmade Cavalcade! These are just a few of the many lunch options at Chelsea Market to help you shop happy. And don’t forget the free brownie samples at Fat Witch Bakery

See you at the Cavalcade!


Lu, of LuCrafts, is a part-time crafter who lives in Manhattan where she loves using paper to create beautiful objects for everyday use. Her cat Cookie helps by being cute and not judging the state of her workroom, aka living room!

I Love {NewNew} York: A Gift Guide for Those who Adore NYC

Do you "like" NYC, as in you "like" to breathe? Did you come from another place (in my case, Boston) and realize you'd been holding your breath for all those years and could finally exhale? Do you want to rip the heads off telephone customer service workers who waste your time with too many "pleases," and "thank yous" and especially "ma'ams"? Have you memorized the times all the museums are free, er, pay what you wish? Do you wonder if there is any other city where people feel it's OK to clip their nails on public transportation? Have you never been to the top of the Empire State Building unless it was with your class? Then you, my friend, are a real New Yorker.
Here is a selection of items that pay homage to the Greatest City on Earth! All of these crafters will be participating in the {NewNew} Holiday Handmade Cavalcade, yet another reason why New York City rocks!!

Let's start off with this print by VirginiaKraljevic. I love how she captures the city's textures. One of the best ways to experience NYC is to ride a bus with your head out the window looking up. So many beautiful architectural details are above ground floors. And what is it about water towers that is so compelling? Maybe it's their cheerfulness, as evident in MyZoetrope's card!
CityBitz has a wonderful collection of NYC photos turned into jewelry, wall art, and more!
ApertureAgog uses embroidery to create graffiti over this photo printed onto fabric!
For the wee ones, this art wallet from WindowsofAgate comes with crayons, paper, a coloring book and more, all in a compact fabric carrying case!
Show your Brooklyn pride with Caja's nameplate, created out of reclaimed silver!
CardsinStitches has taken street art from Williamsburgh to create a set of note cards with 10 different designs!
OwlidayInn turns a 1939 World's Fair souvenir token into wearable art!

You may wonder what this purse is doing in a NYC collection. Would you believe Groundsel made it using delivery sleeves from the New York Times?!
Finally, while she is not participating in the Cavalcade, I am in love with warpeDesign's ingenious lampshade.
See you at the Cavalcade!


Get your Goody Bag at this Saturday's HHC

"i buy handmade" goody bag

The early bird catches the goody bag at the HHC'09. If you were one of the first 200 people to RSVP for the Second Annual Holiday Handmade Cavalcade, pick up your free hand printed "I buy handmade" goody bag by 2:00pm this Saturday, December 5th. After 2:00pm, bags may be claimed on a first come first serve basis. Your bag will be filled with treats from sponsors including Etsy, Yelp, ReadyMade, Knitty City, and Lion Brand Yarn to name a few. This is a handmade show, so it's only fitting to have handmade treasures from The {NewNew} in your goody bag, ranging from soy candles from Lu Crafts, bobby pins from Thistle Pixie, to magnets from Saru Star, and cell phone charms from Paperelle.

ReadyMade Magazine's newest issue, goody bag item

Didn't rsvp? That's OK. You still have a chance to win an embellished tote--specially decorated by several {NewNew} artists--loaded with handmade items donated from 15 vendors. Every purchase qualifies a shopper to receive a raffle ticket. Bring a list--a long one--and you're sure to find something special for everyone, while collecting a few raffle tickets along the way.

Decoupage comic wall clock from Can't Afford Em Crafts, raffle bag item

There will be 5 raffle bags with prizes donated by:
Earrings by Jantar Handcrafted JewelryNecklaces by Pulp SushiHair clips by Groundsel Earrings by Saru StarNecklaces by Wabisabi BrooklynSoy candles by LuCraftsDecoupage comic wall clocks by Can't Afford Em CraftsGadget cozies by B Shorr Handmade Designs Button Hairbands by A Studio by the Sea Illustration prints by Virginia KraljevicBobby pins by CLineCreations Glass Paperweights by Journalistic TendenciesHandcrafted greeting cards by Wai Sze Designs
Wristlet by Red Bridge Studio
See you there!