Part II DIY Fall Kitchen Patchwork Trivet

Last Friday we demonstrated a tutorial of how to make a patchwork trivet for your kitchen. Today we will finish it up with part II.  If you missed part I you can find it right here.   I know with the change of weather I am ready to start having hot coffees and warming teas.  

Last week's last step was making the patchwork top part of the trivet. It should look like this. 

1. The bottom row is sewn to the middle row, be sure to match seams and press with steamy iron.  Then sew the middle row to the top row. Repeat same steps.

2. SQUARE IT UP.  This means you need to cut the sides to make sure it is even.  It's ok if it ends up being smaller than 9" square or not a complete square.

3. Step 3 you are going to start making the quilt sandwich. Take your wool, place your batting on top of that, then your trivet top on top face up. 

4. Pin the layers together and sew along the seams. You can use regular straight pins or basting pins.  It's good to use a Walking Foot but if you don't have one that's ok. 

5. Attaching the bias tape binding. When you first start to attach it you need to fold over one short end raw edge about a half inch.  

Be sure to fold the short raw edge as above. 

6.  Sew a half inch seam allowance around all of the edges. 

7. Fold raw edge and wrap to top side of trivet. Pin. 

step 7B

8. Sew an edge stitch.  This is a stitch right along the grey binding. 


Step 9. Done! Have a cup of tea!

final trivet 2 colors.png

If you have any questions please let me know.  Next tutorial will be the Apple Picking Tote on October 16th. 

Have a lovely weekend! 

Tracey Toole   |

March Madness on Etsy

Filling out brackets, eating great bar food and cheering on your team...for sports fans and non sports fans alike watching the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament on television can be a good time. Etsy can be an excellent place to look for unique fan gifts or even something special from your alma mater. 68 teams are in the big dance and five of them are featured below in the best Etsy has to offer for March Madness fans!

If it's setting a mood your looking for, look no further than this awesome Kentucky basketball card from Hop Skip Jump Paper. Personally, I'm not sure I love anyone more than Kentucky basketball so it would be hard for me to find a use for this...but it's a great card none the less.

If the Kentucky Wildcats are not your team maybe the Arizona Wildcats are? This adorable girls hair clip is made by our own Etsy NY team member Brooklyn Owl. It's a kind reminder it's never to early to start cheering for your team!

Wearing team gear on game day is important, decorating your home YEAR ROUND in support of your team is a must. This bold and graphic Oregon print from Painted Post will ensure all of your house guests know this is Ducks territory.

And while your guests are admiring your walls, you can prepare their game day feast on one of the beautiful cutting boards from AHierloom in Brooklyn. Even though Texas Longhorns didn't make it past the second round in the tournament, your home will definitely be a game day destination well into the Final Four featuring spreads like this!

Last but not least, every fan needs to show their pride with a awesome sticker. On the car or laptop this North Carolina Tarheels sticker from Pink House Press will let everyone know you chose the right North Carolina school to cheer for in March!      

Best of luck to your team in March and cheer on your team below in the comments section! 

~Amberlee Isabella