Back to school for the Teachers

Little Red School House needlepoint art from  Harp and Thistle on

Little Red School House needlepoint art from Harp and Thistle on

Hard to believe it is back to school time.  Instead of my normal back to school items for kids I decided to dedicate this one to the teachers.  Here are a few supplies and gifts for the teacher in your life, all from your local NYC Etsy Team.  

sewing supply art work from  Tamara Garvey on

sewing supply art work from Tamara Garvey on

History and geography from Pepper Press NY.  Based on a c.1820’s map of Queens, superimposed over the borough’s modern-day borders.  Until 1860, Queens County included the adjacent area of Nassau County to the east. Flushing, Newtown, and Jamaica were the 3 of the original 5 towns which made up the county. These towns, along with Long Island City (which split from Newtown), and Rockaway Peninsula were consolidated into the Borough of Queens in 1897, when the area became part of New York City. Each print is individually hand printed in Brooklyn, NY.  

Bugged Out tote bags are made from heavyweight 100% recycled cotton canvas, color: natural. The dimensions are approximately 14” wide and 16” high with a 6” bottom gusset.  A teacher can never have too many totes!

If you would like to see what else the Etsy NY Team has to offer just go to and type in the search button "etsynyteam"

Have a great weekend!

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DIY: upcycled pencil case

Fall is at our doorstep and we’re getting ready to welcome it around our house. The kids are back in school so I have more time to clean up their closets. As I’m putting their outgrown clothes aside for donation, I decided to keep a couple of zippered sweatshirts to experiment with for this project. I ended up making this little pouch, perfect for my daughter’s crayons, here’s how I did it:

1. Use an old zippered sweater to upcycle. Turn the sweater inside out and place it on a flat surface. Decide the final length of your pencil case by marking the zipper at two points (blue dots on picture). If the sweater has a front pocket, try to avoid it to facilitate sewing.  Machine stitch on the marked points to close the zipper, making sure the zipper pull is between the points.

2. Hold the sweater (still inside out) from the center front zipper, fold it and lay it flat as pictured. Use a water-soluble pen or chalk to mark the shape of the pencil case (blue dotted line on picture). The shape can be anything you want, rectangular, square, rounded corners, etc, depending on the size of the sweater. Mark a seam allowance of about ¼” (red  line on picture).

3. Pin down the two layers of fabric and cut along the marked seam allowance (red line) Make sure the zipper pull is pulled to the middle of your work so you can turn it later. Stitch along marked stitch line (blue line). At zipper points, make several stitches to reinforce.

4. Turn your pencil case right side out and tidy up the edges with a pointed tool (pencil, chopstick, etc). Voilà! You’re done… start using to store school supplies, even cosmetics or electronics!

TIP: When stitching along marked stitch line (step 3) you may want to add a second stitch line just next to the first, using your machine’s zig-zag stitch. This is helpful reinforcement, specially because you’re working with a knit and your straight stitch may brake after a while.

Have fun and please share pictures of your upcycled pencil cases!

Natasha K.

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Fab Find Friday: Back to School

School house needlepoint  by Harp and Thistle

School house needlepoint by Harp and Thistle

We are heading back to school, or work.  It's that time of year, can you smell it in the air.  Already we are having crisp mornings and warm afternoons.  If you are studying abroad you don't need to travel the globe to get your school supplies.  Shop local!  Visit the Etsy NY Team on Etsy.  

NYC Pencils from  Amber Lee Isabella Home

NYC Pencils from Amber Lee Isabella Home

Once you have your NYC pencils you will need a pencil pouch that is as stylish as you are.  Fritz and Fraulein can provide you with a waxed canvas pouch

Fritz and Fraulein

Don't sleep in on your new 440 thread count pillow cases.  Type in dorm decor on and you will find a campus size listing of cute and functional items.  Check out these cute pillowcases from Hook and Matter.   Wake up tired? Just have the cases point to the door. 

Hook and Matter

Hook and Matter

Did your phone die overnight and you slept in? What time is it? Can't see without your contacts in or glasses on? This is what happens to me in the morning.  Fear no more, SimplyNu's slate clock with extra large numbers will turn your day around!

Simply Nu slate clock

Simply Nu slate clock

If you have a little one headed off to school pick up some head bands from Brooklyn Owl.  Keep the hair pulled back so she or he can concentrate on their studies! Annie of Brooklyn Owl will even customize it for you. 

Headbands from Brooklyn Owl

Headbands from Brooklyn Owl

Something for everyone's back to school needs from your Etsy Ny Team!

Have a great weekend!