The Mighty Owl

Oh, love. So complicated. This Valentine's, let's take another look at popular motifs instead of delving into all of that. Stemming from a comment on my last post about the comparative popularity of birds such as hummingbirds and sparrows compared to owls, I did a little data analysis of items on Etsy.

How popular are owls? Way, way popular! They make up 44.8% of popular bird types themed on Etsy. Here's how they compare in a pie chart:

Birds in general are also way, way popular compared to all other animals.

The popularity of owls probably contributes to this ultra-robust showing of "bird" among animal-themed items on Etsy, besting even lions, tigers and bears. Oh my!

But back to love. Sorry! I can't help it. It is Valentine's Day. Perhaps you're wondering how popular "love" is among Etsy motifs.

Love triumphs!

Until next time --

Linda Purty Bird