Hot steaming bath in the freezing cold winter!

I admit, I'm a bath addict. I love taking a bath year around, but in the winter it becomes essential. Nothing like a steaming hot bath before going to bed on a wintry night, a perfect cure for many ailments, including the common cold, muscle or joint pains, and insomnia!
Many things can be added to the bath water, bubbles are fun, and essential oils are wonderful for rejuvenating the spirit and to prevent drying of the skin. Try lavender oil if you are feeling under the weather or coming down with a cold. Epsom salt relaxes the muscles and is said to draw toxins from the body. Cleopatra was known to have a beautiful, smooth skin, and her secret was soaking her body in milk! Try adding two cups of fresh milk or buttermilk to your next bath! When I feel I really need to wind down and relax, I add a few drops of essential oils (I like Lavender and Ylang Ylang), pour some rose water into the bath, light some candles and turn off the other lights, then I pray the kids will allow me 15-20 minutes of heavenly escape....

Here are some products that can be used to enhance your home-mini-spa experience:
A spa soap bar from nordeasoaperie:

Handmade soap with frankincense & myrrh, two more wonderfully fragrant, relaxing and sensual essential oils by dirtylovesclean:

Use these candles from DewOnAPetalHome , turn off the lights and reaaaaaly relax...

Whatever you use in your bath, keep warm and enjoy!