Small run silkscreening at home

There are few methods of making silkscreens. I found using drawing fluid to create a silkscreen is most direct and simple. A drawing is made on the screen with drawing fluid. Screen filler is then applied on the dried drawing fluid, which act as a resist. The filler hardens. The silkscreen is ready once you wash the drawing fluid away. No need for a darkroom! This method is great for small run posters, tote bags and t-shirts.

Screen Drawing Fluid
Screen Filler
Brush for drawing
Latex Gloves
Stick for stirring the fluid

Drawing the image: Tape a drawing or sketch for tracing on the inside frame. You can do freehand drawing if you like. Apply single even coat for best results.

Dry the screen in a level horizontal position. You can use a fan to speed up the drying time.

Coating the Screen: Stir the screen filler, then pour a bead of filler fluid on the same side that you applied the drawing fluid. Squeegee a smooth even coat of filler liquid over the screen. Dry the screen horizontally.

Washing Out: Use warm water through both sides of the screen, concentrating on the drawing fluid area. Do not use power washer, it might wash away the filler fluid.

Once the screen is dried, it is ready for screening.

There you have it!

May Luk