Birthday Wishes

Today is my best friend's birthday!  Like me, she is a Geminii and we both love a wide variety of pretty, shiny objects.  In her honor here are some beautiful, shiny, unique, awesome and dazzling items, brought to you by the fabulously talented {NewNew} team!

Let her eat cake and lots of it.  Make it the pineapple upside-down kind please. 
Caketime print, $8, available at MyZoetrope.

She's always on the go and constantly losing things.  
This bag is perfect because it can be attached to her wrist.  Ha!
The Super Pleated clutch, $68, available at bungaloe.

In our own minds.
FOX pillow, $79, available at alexandraferguson

I won't mention the time we went to a local bakery and she bought a dozen red velvets.  She then proceeded to eat 6 of them at one sitting.  That's just between you, me and the blog.
Lampwork Sprinkle cupcake, $32, available at astudiobythesea.

What I didn't mention is that she's a runner.  So she's allowed to eat 6 cupcakes 
because it will all fall off her after her 6th mile.  Me on the other hand....
Ipod armband, $20, available at JiJis.

This might be the one thing that could make her stop and stare for more than 3 seconds.
Crystal Vitrail Necklace, $45 available at AdornmentsNYC.

I'd buy her this card so I could write something sappy in it.
Then she would read it aloud dramatically and we'd giggle until we felt sick from all the cupcakes.
Koi Bubbles notecard, $5 available at Fubabee.

Happy birthday Madness!  xoxoxo!