A Lion Indeed

With snow in the forecast for this gray, early-March day, I thought it fitting to acknowledge the month's cultural characterization as coming "in like a lion" with a few winter-white selections from the makers of Etsy NY (and contextualizing/attributional comments by me).

Steampunk Mustachioed iPhone Case by dslookkin

Reminiscent of delicate snowflakes dreamily drifting downward (onto the cold, hard earth)....

Salt and Pepper Shakers by Romi Ceramics

Simple elegance, and salt somewhat resembles snow.

Set of 4 8x8 Black and White Modern Art Photography Prints by ZahnerPhoto

Stark, white Winter, and snowflake-like geometry.

Rose in the Snow Photo by greenelent

This pretty much sums it up: Winter, with Spring just underneath -- and Taxis

Let's enjoy this little dusting in the hope knowledge that it is Winter's last hurrah!

Linda / Purty Bird

Christmas in July

In the 1940 screwball comedy "Christmas in July" Jimmy MacDonald mistakenly believes to have won $25,000 in a contest. He goes on to spend these alleged winnings on a shopping spree with his girlfriend buying presents for their family and friends. "It's like Christmas in July" Jimmy's girlfriend Betty sighs. If you are in the mood for a little Christmas, check out some of the seasonal offerings of Etsy NY artists that you can get right now:

Christmas Mistletoe To Go
Hook and Matter's Christmas Mistletoe is too pretty to just come out for the holidays. Wear it this summer and kiss your unsuspecting beach crush under the mistletoe.

Winter Holiday Felt Jumper
This adorable keepsake jumper created by Heart Felt 4 Kids will definitely put you and your one-, two-, three- or four-year old in the mood for the holiday season. After all, December is just a few month's off.

Partridge in a Pear Tree
A Partridge in a Pear Tree is always seasonally appropriate. The delicate illustrations that Jessica Boehman creates for her shop Hans My Hedgehog evoke a whimsical magic that will make the perfect addition to your home.

And finally, to put you into the proper mood for a shopping spree, here is a scene out of Christmas in July.

Happy Holidays