Quick & Easy DIY Fabric Coasters

Now that I have a new obsession in sewing, I am starting to find all sorts of fun projects to work on. I happen to have a weakness for coasters. I have them all over my apartment, and I always have some on my table at craft fairs (so that customers can put down their drinks and pick up my soap!) So, here is a quick and easy tutorial that anyone can do:

First, I cut out four squares of fabric for the top portion (an old pair of jeans!) and another four squares in a coordinating fabric (the same size) for the bottom portion.

Then I cut out four squares of batting slightly smaller for the padding.

Then I cut four strips of colorful ribbon that would fit across the front of the top square. I glue it on to keep it in place before sewing.

Using my trusty machine, I sew the colorful ribbon strip onto the front of each top square.

Then, I glue the batting onto the back of each bottom square.

I place the top and bottom squares (right sides facing each other) together and pin them in place before sewing them up. You want the right sides to face each other because you need to leave a 1.5" section open so you can turn the completed square inside out. If you look closely, you can see where I marked my opening in blue marker near the top of the square.

After you turn the square inside out, the right sides should be facing out, and you simply need to hand stitch the small opening to finish it up.

So there you have it....easy peasy fabric coasters! Great for a quick housewarming gift, or if you are heading to a friend's house for dinner...I always like to show up with a little gift of appreciation!

Until next time....happy crafting!

Nordea / nordeasoaperie

Holiday Gifts on a Budget

Washington is buzzing with talk about the "fiscal cliff." I am not quite sure what that all means for me, but I do know that I have considerably less money in my bank account compared to ten years ago.

I like giving gifts for the holidays, especially unique, handmade items. Unfortunately, some people in my family, and even some friends do not really appreciate how special handmade can truly be.

I have witnessed friends making lists of all the things they plan to return, and what they plan to get instead....not really embracing the true spirit of gift-giving.

For that reason, I am a fan of giving a bunch of "little" gifts. And by that I mean gifts around $10. I usually pick out 4-5 "little" gifts for each person, hoping that they will like at least a couple of the items. I hate to think of myself plunking down a considerable amount of money for one big gift, that the person may not like.

I often turn to etsy to find those special little items, that cannot be found in target, wal-mart, and other big department stores. Here are some awesome picks from members of the Etsy NY team:

Koto Designs

I hope I have given you a few ideas for some gifts this year, and remember, whatever gifts you may receive this year...be thankful! Until next time, happy crafting (and/or shopping!)

Nordea / nordeasoaperie

Valentine's Day Preview

I Heart Us Letterpress Valentine Card
Valentine card by hycCreative
With the most romantic day of the year just around the corner, it's never too early to plan something special with your special someone.  To begin with, here are some handmade gift ideas from the {NewNew}:
Moustache Mug Black with white Moustache Red Interior
moustache mug by LennyMud
BANG recycled felt applique pillow 14x18
BANG recycled felt applique pillow by AlexandraFerguson
Small Anatomical heart
anatomical heart necklace by CajaJewelry
Cat art Valentine Card-Love is in the Air
cat art Valentine card by DeborahJulian
Heart pendant
heart pendant by PurtyBird
Two Hearts Beat as One- Love Cards, handmade, white, 3x5
two hearts beat as one card by warpeDesign
So whether it's a gift for your mother, sister, boyfriend, or cat -- even if it's just a little something, your recipient will be happy to know you were thinking of them.

Four weeks and counting!  <3


Virginia Kraljevic