Flower Power

What to Do with Scraps of Felt, Part V: Make a Whimsical Tree-Branch Decoration

Here's a relatively easy little project using scraps of felt to make a cute table-top tree-branch decoration. Use it as a centerpiece or as stand-alone decorative piece (I'm thinking Martha Stewart here -- maybe you have a corner table or better, an old-fashioned tea cart standing somewhere in your home -- set your whimsical tree-branch there to enjoy continuously.)


  • Small tree branch (I found mine in the park)
  • Scraps of felt in different shades of green, plus a few other complementary colors if you feel like it
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread or embroidery floss (possibly optional -- I'll explain)
  • Glue (I used quick-drying tacky glue but you may know of something better)
  • An actual vase or something that can be used as such, e.g., a wine bottle
  • If you use an actual vase, something to set the branch(es) in so they don't move around, e.g., river pebbles.


  • Gently brush any debris from your branch and snip off any dangling ends. Set aside.
  • If you're using a vase to set your branch in, prepare it by filling it with river pebbles or the like. Set aside.
  • Select your scraps of felt. Depending on the size of the branch and your taste for realism, choose pieces big enough to make leaves that "fit" the size of the branch. I personally didn't bother to do this but bravo to anyone who does!
  • Cut out your leaves. I cut mine freehand but you can certainly use a template if your taste for realism is strong or you're going for a more polished finished piece.

  • Set your branch in your container of choice. Attach your leaves to the branch. There are obviously a number of ways to do this. I tried glue first but my tacky glue didn't cut it. I suspect a glue gun would. Being without one, alas, I reverted to sewing. It worked fine, and wasn't as horribly laborious as it sounds. You could probably also add some nice flourishes using fancy thread or embroidery floss if you're skilled in that kind of thing (thinking Martha Stewart again here).

  • If you sew, you might want to reinforce your stitching and secure the positioning of your leaves with a dab of tacky glue on the back.

  • Snip off any loose threads, shape your leaves a bit and otherwise tidy-up your work as necessary. Enjoy!

Until next time --