15 Steps to having your own art exhibit/art show.

What are some of the questions you have about exhibiting your own work? I promised a few readers I would post a list regarding exhibiting so below are some pointers to consider. There are lots of moving parts to exhibiting, but once you have the list of to do's, its something so exciting and rewarding that you will be exhibiting all over your local town and beyond in no time!

Getting Started
  1. Start to take note of places that already exhibit artwork and identify any other local locations that don’t, but could!
  2. Take a deep breath and ask the manager/owner of the bar, store, bakery, restaurant and various other “open” establishments how one goes about showing work: The requirements, any costs, timings, holding a reception party etc.
  3. Carry a small folder of photographed work with you so when you come across a suitable place, you can simply spark conversation with the manager/owner and show examples.
  4. Always carry a little card/postcard to exchange when you meet the person who manages artwork exhibits. AND you never know who else you will meet on your travels.
  5. Do a search on google for open artist calls. Submitting work in competitions, juried shows and other group opportunities is another great way to get your work out there.

Once you have a show scheduled
  1. Give yourself lots of time to create work if you need to and plan marketing & the opening reception party
  2. Decide on a theme or a name for your exhibit
  3. Schedule in an opening reception and create an invitation via email and social media
  4. Arrange when you can hang and take down the show
  5. Work with the venue on best way to hang your show – do you need extra help, do they have a special hanging system already in place? How will you get your work to the space?
     Preparing for the open reception
    1. Create a flyer, email blast, posters to put up in your local area/area of the show and send out, give plenty of notice and also send out reminders a few days beforehand.
    2. Will you provide alcohol/drinks/nibbles or can the establishment give you a special price. If you prefer for guests to pay for their drinks, think about buying a few bottles of something from the establishment as a sweetener for early arrivers.
    3. What marketing material do you need for the big night and for the duration of the show? These include a pricelist, card/postcards & contact details, can you create prints of the original work to sell on the night also? Also remember to name and price with labels under your work and have a guest book to capture emails for future marketing opportunities. Also have an artist bio/statement/resume so people can get to know who you are, what influenced this exhibition.
    4. Have your opening night, enjoy every moment and greet guests. (you can also ask friends to help you meet and greet and hand out your marketing materials on the night. Take note of what went really well and what you may change/include for next time.
    5. Send a thank you after the event.  And leave contact details at the venue for anyone interested in your work throughout the duration of the show. Most importantly celebrate!
    What other kinds of questions do you have? or additional tips you could add for our artist community here on the blog. Good Luck, cant wait to hear all about your future exhibitions.

    Until next time.....

    Louise Gale - Your Creative Career Consultant for The New New Blog

    Do You have a Word for 2011?

    Last month we took a look at Creating Your Vision Board for the year ahead, gathering images and words to attract all the fabulous things you wanted in your life. Today we are looking at Words and Themes. Do you have one for the year?

    Choosing a word or a theme sparks energy and meaning and this can be used to help you focus as you make decisions, taking you towards the right path. It may be something like "Leap" if you are looking to make a huge change, or "cultivate" if there are things you'd like to grow.

    Think about the following three areas when deciding on your Theme/Word of the Year.

    Be Clear
    Being clear and having clarity is a key part for attracting and manifesting your desires. Starting off with a foggy outlook will really muddle things along the way. You will be able to articulate clearly what your word/theme means to you.

    Be Authentic
    Being authentic is how we can connect with what it is we truly desire, not what we think others think we should be doing. Your Word will be authentic to YOU.

    Be Aware
    Being aware of what you are focusing on and how you are approaching things is important. Don't just choose "wealth" as your word. You don't have a magic wand to make this appear. Think beyond that. The word you choose will teach you more about you and who you are. Awareness is key, it will allow you to learn, question and clarify everything that comes your way. By having a theme/word, this will stay with you to tune in your awareness of everything going on.

    If this is your first time choosing a word or a theme, don't worry about "choosing the perfect word", but please do promise yourself that you will follow this practice every year as it will get better and better. You will find it easier to have clarity, be authentic and aware and live your word to its fullest.

    Take Action Now!
    • Download the *FREE* Word of the Year worksheet and work through the questions to find your Word/Theme.  These questions will help you get clear about your word (the what) and what your motivation will be (the why)
    • Did you have a word for last year? If so, tell us below and why, then tell us what your word for this year is and why.
    • Creative prompt: Create a garland of letters to make up your word or theme and hang it somewhere prominent so you can see it everyday.
    • Creative prompt:  Create a piece of artwork or a page to put into your journal with your word and hang it on the wall. 

    Until next time.....

    Louise Gale - Your Creative Career Consultant for The New New Blog