Upcoming Workshop: Take Pictures Like A Pro With Your Point and Shoot Camera by Elena of SimplyNu

Join Elena of SimplyNu and the Etsy New York team on Monday, May 19th, 2014 at the Etsy Labs in Dumbo, NY (Brooklyn) for a workshop on taking great photographers of your products using the manual settings of your point and shoot camera.

Attendees will learn how to make the most of your photos to tell your brand's story and explore the following topics:

  • How to use your camera manual settings, including: resolution, time exposures, crops, and macros.
  • Use of backgrounds and props to enhance your product.
  • How to best frame and crop your product to create a memorable image.

Workshop will start with a quick review of a few favorite Etsy shops and an exploration of what makes their photos interesting and unique.

Please bring your camera and 1 or 2 products to photograph, along with an item that you can use as a prop (for example, a piece of cloth or small stand.)

This workshop is free to all EtsyNY teamies.  All non-members who are interested in attending can purchase tickets ($5) on Eventbrite. Check in will occur at the door, so please have your tickets and ID available. The door will close at 6:30pm.

Hope to see you there! 

Get Out There: Virginia Kraljevic and the Etsy Success Symposium

Print by Virginia Kraljevic

Etsy's Success Symposium will return on March 30th. This year, the all-day event will focus on how to get found now that you've set up your online presence with your Etsy shop. One of the six workshops of the day will feature our very own Virginia Kraljevic. A member of last year's leadership team of The {NewNew} and a frequent contributor to this blog, Virginia is an American artist and illustrator based in New York City. Her whimsical pen and ink drawings have been commissioned by companies such as Lacoste, Vans, and Etsy. Virginia’s artwork has been showcased in galleries, shops, and craft shows in the United States and Europe. In addition, she has a background in visual display working for Anthropologie and has assisted with prop styling and art direction on photo shoots for Vogue Hommes International and Chanel. If you attended our past Cavalcades, you will be familiar with her distinctive decorative style.
At Renegade Brooklyn

Virginia has participated in shows and markets along the Northeast Coast such as the Renegade Craft Fair, The Union Square Holiday Market, The Handmade Cavalcade, Maker Faire New York, SoWa Open Market, Crafts in Chelsea, and the Brooklyn Lyceum Markets. With this rich background it is no wonder that she was asked to participate in the Get Out There: Using Craft and Wholesale Shows to Support Your Small Business panel of the symposium.


In catching up with her before the symposium, I asked Virginia if she had attended last year's event:

"Yes, I was there last year and got to spend the day with fellow {NewNew} Etsy Team members, some interesting guest speakers, and the people who make Etsy what it is.  It was a day of exchanging ideas, stories, and it offered some advice targeted for the Etsy shop newbie.  This year is geared more for the experienced Etsy seller who is ready to make more a statement in all that they do -- whether it's an email, a tweet, or in-person at shows."

As a bit of a preview of the Get Out There panel, I wondered if she could share some advice for us sellers:

"In keeping with this year's theme of getting noticed, the best advice I can offer is to simply get out there.  No one will know just how wonderful you or your work is unless you are willing to share a little bit of yourself and your work with the world.  If creating and running your own business is what your heart is urging you to do, then it is your responsibility to follow your heart wherever it may lead you.  You will surprise yourself just how far you can go with enough persistence, confidence, and by wearing a smile."

And before I forget, Virginia reminded me to look out for the accompanying Etsy Symposium workbook the day of the event -- it's free and will be available online.  She's contributed a few pages filled with craft show tips that she herself wishes she had known when she began doing shows.

The Etsy Success Symposium includes the following workshops and will stream live from the Etsy Online Labs:
  • Get Featured: Learn How to Grab the Eye of a Curator with Mary Andrews and Emily Bidwell
  • Get Noticed: How to Romance Blog and Magazine Editors
  • Get Storied: Behind Every Product is a Story with Michael Margolis
  • Get Pinned: Build your Community and Brand with Pinterest with Christine Martinez
  • Get Out There: Using Craft and Wholesale Shows to Support Your Small Business
  • Get Found: Conquering Searches on Etsy and the Web with Danielle Maveal and Michelle Spaulding