Father's Day gifts from the {NewNew} team!

Here are some of the best Father's Day gifts, all handmade in New York by local artists. And all fit for a king!
If your Dad is a fancypants, he'll need a pair of cufflinks.
These are actually nickels with images on the Brooklyn Bridge on 'em. Wowza!
$45 at WabisabiBrooklyn.
I know my Dad was more forgiving of me having cookies for breakfast.
Give him a card and stay on his good side.
$3.50 at Gramkinpaperstudio.

What better way to honor Dad than to give him something to mark his territory?
Who rocks the potty?
$6.00 at LennyMud.
Uber cool and he can know what time it is, now all he needs is a remote and he's all set!
Made from an actual Iron Man comic... it really does tell the time, too.
$20.00 at CantAffordEmClocks.
Yep, Dads can be smelly.
But not if they use this scrubby soap made from sandalwood, vanilla and a hint of lime!
$7.00 at NordeaSoaperie.
Your Dad will remember the movie and think he's the coolest with this money clip.
You just want to make sure he'll have spare cash for that pony you always wanted.
$25 at Citybitz.
This is the cutest Dad-n-kid Robot t-shirt ever!
$23 at MamaRobot.
Do you have the coolest Dad? No?
Well you will when he wears this denim fedora. It's NYC coolness-in-a-hat.
$52 at RocksandSalt.

That brings this week's shopping spree to an end. You can find more great NYC-made stuff for Dads from the {NewNew} team on Etsy if you click here: Happy Father's Day!

Hope it's a great one!

Stephanie Maslow-Blackman