The {NewNew} Loves Etsy Labs

What? You don't know about Etsy Labs? Well let me tell you a little about this marvelous gem in Brooklyn, NY.

What started out as a few informal craft nights here and there has grown to become international and quite amazing. Etsy Labs is an amazing space located in the Etsy offices where Etsians from all over join to make amazing things and share ideas. The lab is full of fun things, like sewing machines, knitting needles, colorful paper and tons of yarn.

Many of these ideas are found at their CraftNights which are held a few times every month.
You can always check the Etsy Blog to find out when the next Craft Night is going to be held. Below is a short list of what local Etsians got to learn at past Craft Nights.

Not in the area you say? No problem! Etsy Labs has a ton of How To's from their How To Tuesdays to make you feel like your sitting right next to a Brooklyn Crafter! The Etsy Labs have also been traveling across the U.S. and around the world, spreading the word of teaching and crafting!!! Craft on!
Etsy Labs
55 Washington Street
Brooklyn, NY
when: check the blog regularly for the next Craft Night at Etsy Labs!

Lingua Nigra

Sculptural Jewelry by Art Smith

Fluid. That’s one of the many words that come to mind when you look at the jewelry of Art Smith (1917-1982). He was able to create impactful, yet very simplistic modern jewelry that still looks current today.
The amazing man who created these works is no longer with us but you can find an amazing array of his jewelry at the Brooklyn Museum exhibit “From the Village to Vogue, the Modern Jewelry of Art Smith”.
Smith used various methods to create his flowing jewelery and I as a jeweler use most of the same processes, like soldering and forming.
I am inspired by Smith’s work, which is somewhat similar to mine. Simple shapes and silhouettes are what define both of our work. Strong texture and stones accompany my work, his with wire and graceful movement.
The tools that Art used in the middle of last century are still being used by jewelers today. I probably used the same forming tools to create my newer sculptural necklaces. I know for sure that we have the same processes - rough sketches on pieces of paper, followed by trail and error, which finally leads to a dynamic piece of jewelery that looks like just what we were thinking!
For most of his pieces he used wire or sheets of metal that he then drew designs on and cut out with a jewelers saw. The time consuming technique of forming the metal to the perfect shape is evident in his finished items, which hang like mobiles from the wearer's neck. He also soldered stone settings,like bezels, onto his pieces and then hand set many precious stones, including amethyst,lapis and emeralds. Other times he just formed the metal and let the forms and shapes speak for themselves.
I love that we are both lovers of the metal first, then the stones. I do not use many stones in my jewelry, but when I do it is subtle but creates a pop, much like Art's jewelry. One of my newer creations deals with form and the chest. I wanted to created a bold but simple chest piece with movement. This piece was formed from wire, which was then soldered onto brass sculptured castings and plated with 22kt gold.
Another piece that draws inspiration from Art is my Fang Necklace, which draws upon ancient tribal jewelry. Like Art, I use stones to emphasize the gold and movement of the texture of the jewelry.
Art Smith continues to inspire designers and novices alike with his playful, functional wearable art. Please don't miss out on seeing the amazing jewelry of Art Smith at the Brooklyn Museum. By popular demand, the exhibit, which was set to close in 2009 has been extended and is now housed as a long term installation. There is no excuse to miss this!!

Lingua Nigra Jewelry

Sneak Peak of SHC Raffle Prizes!

With every purchase at the SHC, you'll receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win one of six uniquely embellished lunchboxes filled with handmade goodies.

Each lunchbox will be loaded with exciting full-size items from some of our vendors, among them prints by Allene La Spina and Aperture Agog; jewelry by Wabisabi Brooklyn and J. Topolski; candles by Lovely Day Designs; and cards by Littlebunny and Waisze Designs; and that's just a taste!!!

Don't forget to fill out a raffle ticket for EVERY purchase.

We will tape the live drawing and post it online so you can see the results. All raffle prizes will be mailed to winners.

Special thanks to our team embellishers: Tanya of Luckx4, Aliza of DesignsByAliza, Alexis of LadyThree Designs, Lauren of Paperelle, Alicia of Lingua Nigra, and Kari of Ikyoto.

See you at the Handmade Cavalcade!

--molly shoelace

Better Than Jam Opening Party

The NEW Better Than Jam Handmade Co-Op opens its doors on February 1, 2010. Located at 1095 Flushing Ave, the Co-Op is soon to be neighbors with 20 other diverse businesses that will inhabit the "Markets at the Loom," providing a varied destination for local shoppers to shop and browse.

Opening: February 1
Grand opening reception: Friday February 5th 7-10pm

Come mingle with the designers and receive complimentary drinks , 10% off selected designers, and a free tote bag with purchase, compliments of The {NewNew} Etsy street team.

Some featured designers are:

The Hand of Fatima
Wabisabi Brooklyn
Better Than Jam
Danielle Maveal
Caja Jewelry
Lingua Nigra
Knit Knit