5 Steps to discovering your passion

What is your passion?

There is time in many peoples lives when this question can make you feel uneasy. Maybe you are not sure how to express your passion, maybe it feels too much like a "should" be a "thing", like "cooking" or "painting". Passion is such a strong expressive word and this scares many people mostly because they don't think they feel that strongly about "something".

If I was to meet you and ask you "what is your passion?" How do you think you would answer? Would make for some interesting conversation starters at parties, don't you think?

So here are just 5 steps to get you started on thinking about your own passion:
  1. What activities excite you and make you feel good about yourself? What are some of the core feelings associated with those activities - remember, you CAN have more than one passion!
  2. Which of these do you lose all track of time with? When we are truly doing something we love, we forget about time. We are in our "passion zone."
  3. Would you do it for free? Putting the almighty currency to one side. If you had enough money to live on, which of these activities would you choose to spend your time on?
  4. What do you talk about to others when given the chance? We often get excited when we are passionate about something. If you are not sure what that may be, why not ask those around you. You may be pleasantly surprised.
  5. Last but not least.....what do you secretly dream of?. You know, that passionate thing that makes you feel all tingly inside?
The way you describe your passion can change and that's okay. 

Have a go at creating your own "Passion Manifesto"
What would yours say?
Louise Gale - Your Creative Career Consultant for the NewNew Blog

Want to get Published in a glossy Stampington Magazine?

Is getting published in a magazine a big dream of yours? 

 So many artists and crafters dream of getting their creations published. It can feel so far out of reach or just plain confusing, so....

Here's a brief 5 step process to get you started.

  1. Look inside the magazines that you love and ones that would be a good fit for your work. Find out what their submission guidelines are. There are lots of inspiring themes that Stampington put out on their submission page for all their publications. Other magazines such as "Cloth, Paper, Scissors" set challenges for their readers so this is also a great way to get your artwork out there.
  2. Find out who the editor of the magazine is and write them a cover letter, talking a little about your work, what inspires you and the process you went through to create your piece. be sure to include links to our blog/website too. Many magazines accept international submissions, but if in doubt reach out to the magazine.
  3. Make up your package to send to the magazine (the details of what to include will be in the submission guidelines). Package it up and decorate the outside of your box/envelope so it looks pretty when it arrives on the editors desk.
  4. If you are a writer, photographer or have a great idea for an article, you can also send email submissions to magazine companies such as Stampington outlining your idea.
  5. Don't be discouraged if your initial work/submission doesn't get in the first time you submit, keep trying and one day you will find a magazine and a little congratulations note yourself in your mailbox.
When I first started on this journey, being published felt like such a difficult thing to do and I was so confused as to how to go about it, however it really is about reaching out and looking at the opportunities through submission guidelines and challenges.
Then inhaling deeply, being brave and taking that first step.
Good Luck!


Louise Gale - Your Creative Career Consultant for the NewNew Blog