Maker Spotlight: Neena Litton of Kaibelle

Neena Litton - kaibelle1.jpg

Hi! My name is Neena Litton, and I started kaibelle three years ago, after having my first child. I went from daydreaming, to brainstorming, to eventually finding the courage to walk into the county clerk's office in Brooklyn to officially register my small business. I block print original designs onto responsibly-sourced stationery, bags, and homewares. The designs, which are carved and individually printed by hand, are inspired by travels, life experiences, and the little ideas that pop into my head at night. I’ve also found a particular sense of satisfaction that comes from having made something start to finish with my own two hands.

When I was younger, I would lay on my bed and draw designs reminiscent of mandalas and mehndi (traditional Indian henna art) in my school notebooks. Decades later, when I first carved into soft rubber during a block printing class at the Brooklyn Brainery, I was surprised to find I could carve similar designs with relative ease. I was hooked from that day onward.

Lately I've felt inspired to carve more geometric, modern designs with cleaner lines. I'm trying to allow myself the space to explore different styles, and embrace them even if they are a departure from what I've previously created. I have so much gratitude for the support I've received since I began kaibelle, which has allowed me to grow as an artist and an individual. I consider my block printing to be a journey, and I'm anxious to see how my work will evolve as I continue to explore this path.

If you want to check out what I've created so far, you can find me at:




IG: @kaibelledesigns

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