Over the last 40 years I've been a vegetarian of every sort, lacto-ovo, and vegan, often varying day by day, week by week, or month by month. Summer tends to be a vegan season for me. 

Right now I'm eating an egg a couple of times a week. This desire for eggs on a more regular basis started when I met a friend at the Rustic Table on 42nd street. On the menu is a potato Cauliflower mash with a sunnyside up egg on top, with arugula, sliced almond, and a drizzle of tahini. Could not resit it!! (Though it sounds easy, I have never been able to recreate this dish.)

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In my quest to recreate this recipe, some of my experiments did work out well. Yet, through this, I found my go to breakfast for company - a delicious frittata. I generally lightly steam the vegetables first before assembling. The bottom layer is either potato or cauliflower thinly sliced. Then whatever veggies I have tossed on topped.

My most recent was butternut squash & broccoli. Then eggs lightly whipped poured on top and a little cheese -vegan or other- sprinkled on top. I cook it on top of the stove until I see bubbles then put it under the broiler to finish. Quicker then baking and also keeps in moisture.

Butternut Squash Frittata

Butternut Squash Frittata

Recently, my cousin's husband passed along this recipe for the perfect soft boiled egg:  Put two inches of water in a sauce pan with a lid. Bring water to boil, place eggs in a strainer or vegetable steamer above the water, put on the lid tightly. Steam for six-and-a-half minutes. Run under cold water and Voila!

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From those in the know, let me share their secret for perfectly fluffy scrambled eggs: whisk them until you see a light yellow color.  Some that I spoke to, add milk, or creme fraiche (I use plain yogurt) during the whipping, while others add after. Cook them very slowly - five or so minutes - going as far as to moving the pan on and off the burner. They should be soft and sort of lumpy. Add seasoning to taste, once they are off the stove.

Good with avocado toast, what isn't?

Good with avocado toast, what isn't?

This final recipe is my new favorite for quiet Sunday mornings. Julia Turshen's Olive Oil-Fried Eggs with Yogurt & Lemon. In a small bowl, combine yogurt and a big squeeze of juice from the lemon half and whisk together. Scrape the mixture onto a plate and spread and swoop it so the yogurt covers most of the plate.

Warm olive oil in a heavy pan. Crack eggs into the pan and season with salt & pepper. Sprinkle a few drops of water (less than a teaspoon) into the skillet being sure to hit the pan not the eggs. Quickly cover the pan. Let the eggs cook until the whites are cooked through but the yolks are still a bit wobbly, just a minute or two, I did two.

Transfer the eggs to the prepared plate, setting them on top of the yogurt, then pour the remaining olive oil from the pan over the top. Squeeze whatever juice remains in the lemon half and scatter over the herbs. EAT- so good!

Make toast to sop up the yolk..yummmmm! (if you like runny eggs)

Make toast to sop up the yolk..yummmmm! (if you like runny eggs)

All photos © Susan Rae Tannenbaum