"Ready, Set, Summer!" – Supporting Other Artists & Where We Started

When I was 13, I was far more interested in causing trouble in Union Square than being anywhere near school on a weekend. Ironically, as an adult and working artist, I now spend a lot of Sundays back at that my junior high, M.S. 44. As an artist, I crochet sterling silver and gold wire into jewelry. One of the markets at which I sell at frequently, and enthusiastically recommend to my NY Handmade Collective (NYHC) teammates, is Grand Bazaar NYC. I also have the unique perspective of also having attended the school where Grand Bazaar has been held as a PTA fundraiser for decades. Check me out in my class picture from 1977.


Like crochet, with time and effort, the threads of life can come together to make something unexpectedly wonderful. I’ve been working away to plan "READY, SET, SUMMER!" This pop-up within Grand Bazaar NYC on Sunday, May 21st will showcase a curated selection of NY Handmade Collective team members. Not only will it be a fantastic way to spend a Sunday for everyone attending the market, but creates opportunities for NYHC team members that also benefit my former school.

As an artist working independently, an organization like NY Handmade Collective is invaluable. It provides not only a network of other makers for collaboration and inspiration, but hands on workshops and events that personally connect me with other makers and teach skills that benefit my creative business. Likewise, while I may not have appreciated the PTA’s efforts when I was younger, I can pay it forward now. Communities like these are crucial to the continued personal development and confidence in new endeavors regardless of age.

Come check out the participating NYHC artists at READY, SET, SUMMER!