Etsy Trends | Astrological Inspiration

Millennial have been the cause of change in many different aspects of the world and organized religion is also one of them. As it continues to loose relevance among many consumers, the point of view that is emerging is more hollisitc, nuanaced and spiritual. Horoscopes, lunar rotations and planetary alignments are the new religion for young retail consumers looking for meaning and a deeper understanding of the self in a celestial path. This is translating into intriguing new product offerings across Etsy. Below is a wide look at some of products available for purchase.

Etsy is always a great place to find affordable artwork and this print from East Avenue Creations based in Rochester, New York shop is no different. The deep watercolor tones of this print are perfect for fall and the gold foil is right on trend in interior home décor.

This perfume from Magick Moods is a lovely representation of what each astrological sign smells like. With simple and streamlined packaging it’s an excellent gift and will look lovely displayed on any vanity.

Perhaps you’re looking for a more non-traditional way to showcase your connection to astrology? This a-line mustard color skirt by ShopNarro has an astrological print that is sure to stand out in a crowd and is a great conversation starter.

Jewelry is another great way to showcase your astrological sign. Charmingway 2 in New York City has this simple pendant necklace available in both gold and silver colored metal. The neutral stone color pairs well with almost any outfit and is another great affordable gift option.

Finally, if you love extraordinary gift wrap or dressing up for a birthday celebration I suggest taking a look at Paper Altar. Based in Troy, New York, Paper Altar has fun ribbons for many different occasions including celebrating your astrological sign.

And for all the Etsy shop owners, consider adding astrological products to your own shops! It's a growing market with a lot of growth potential!


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