Summer Tutorial: Beach Treasures Necklace

Oh, those perfect summer days at the beach: the warmth of the sun, the sound of the pounding surf, digging your feet in the sand! Bring home a little bit of summer with this necklace, so easy to make you'll be inspired to make more than one!

You'll need to collect some delicate little treasures from your day at the beach to include in your bottle.  And don't forget the sand! 



  • miniature corked bottle with chain attached (sold in sets at local craft stores, or you can make your own by using an eye pin to attach your own chain to a small corked bottle)
  • DIY label with the name of your beach or favorite destination
  • tweezers
  • glue (super glue, glue stick)
  • sand, tiny shells, sea glass, etc., collected at the beach


  1. Pour or scoop some collected sand into the bottle, filling about half-way.
  2. You can use your fingers to drop the shells/small objects inside, or insert them with tweezers.
  3. Print out your own small label and use a bit of glue to attach it to the edge of the cork, with the words facing outward. This ensures that the label can be read and won’t be floating around covered by the sand.
  4. Optional: To close the bottle permanently, add a drop of superglue to the edge of the cork and close the bottle. 
finished necklace!

finished necklace!

What other ideas might you have for the contents of the bottle? The possibilities are endless! How about: making a miniature time capsule, inserting a favorite poem, or filling it with tiny photos to preserve special memories?Share your creative ideas in the comments!

Have fun making your necklaces, and happy summer!

Post by: Nicoletta Siccone / ETSY Shop: ArtologieDesigns / Website:

Nicoletta is a lifelong artist and art educator, with an M.A. in Art Education and Administration. She travels the world seeking cultural inspiration for her art, and has worked in fibers, acrylics, oils, and sculpture. Her current work is inspired by the reinvention of the mundane zipper, elevated to an art form into unexpected jewelry designs. Nicoletta’s artwork is shown throughout New York/New Jersey area and worldwide.