DIY: Charging Station

Artwork by Nancy C. Sampson

Artwork by Nancy C. Sampson

Would you like to create a central location to charge your devices instead of having to search around your home to find where you or your family members might have plugged in a phone, tablet, etc.? I created an easy DIY charging station that I’d like to share with you.

Here is what you will need:

One wall outlet

One thingCHARGER (This product provides 2 electrical outlets, one interchangeable charging tip port, and two USB outlets.)

One letter-size wall-pocket file holder (I bought mine at Staples, but see also the variations below that I found on Etsy for you to consider.)

Drill and other necessary tools to install the wall-pocket file holder, depending on manufacturer’s instructions

2-3 Cabledrop cable holders (Also purchased at Staples.)

Your device charging cords

A pencil


1. Plug the thingCHARGER into your designated outlet.

2. Plug your charging cords into the thingCHARGER and decide how many CableDrops you will need. I went with 3.

3. Make sure the inside of your wall pocket is clean and dry. Remove the protective backing from each CableDrop and stick them on the inside of the front surface of the wall pocket, spacing them about 2 inches from either end and 2-3 inches apart.

4. Hold the wall pocket on the wall at the height you’d like it to be installed. Draw each of your charger cords up between the wall and the back of the pocket to see if there is enough length for them to attach to the CableDrops. Make sure there is at least 7 inches of cord extending from the top of the CableDrop to ensure ease of use. Adjust placement of wall pocket as necessary. Before taking the wall pocket away from the wall, mark the wall with your pencil where the hardware should be placed.

5. When you have established the perfect height for your wall pocket, follow the manufacturer's instructions to attach it to the wall.

6. Once again, draw your charger cords through the space between the wall and the wall pocket and attach them to the the CableDrops. Voila! You are ready to charge multiple devices in your new charging station!

Here is a list of decorative wall pockets that I found on Etsy. I can’t promise that the CableDrops will stick to all of these surfaces, but I know that style is important to many of our readers!

FencePostPottery uses old hardcover books and fabrics to create wall pockets. Pictured is her up-cycled Chemistry book wall pocket:

A shabby-chic wooden wall pocket from WestOfChelsea (If you choose something like this design, your charger cords will have to hang from the side instead of the back):

French seller DaraSiba creates wall pockets from brightly colored fabrics. If you use one of these for the charging station project, make sure the pocket is held securely to the wall.

Nancy C. Sampson // The Nancydraws Shop

Nancy C. Sampson // The Nancydraws Shop