Mother's Day, May 8th, Gift Ideas

 Mother's Day is in one week, start shopping and buy local.   Send her on a journey with Rising Phoenix's Spa Kit.  For $85.00 this is what you get:

4.5 oz bar of Baseline - Unfragranced, Untinted, Uncomplicated handmade cured soap
• 16 oz jar of Spot of Tea - our famous foaming sugar scrub - in Lemon Chamomile
• 8 oz bottle of Inner Light - A light, yet luxe all over body (& hair) oil
• 12 oz jar of Renew - A whipped body creme that smooths on like a lotion but moisturizes like a body butter
• 8oz bottle of Featherweight - The lightest lotion you can imagine! Never greasy, never sticky. Just soft skin for days
• 4g tube of Morning Dew Lip Balm - 100% natural, for all the 'Thank You' kisses mom will be covering your face with!

And the cherry on top of this spa sundae? 
• A full 7oz Ignition Massage Oil Candle! When lit, this candle melts almost instantly into a pool of warm massage oil!

I love the retro feel of these cards from Gramkin Paper Studio. And to be totally honest, yea this is true! Ha!

Everyone uses keys, how about an adorable and cool key chain. Ye Old Stamping Ground will be at the F.A.D market this weekend in Boerum Hill Brooklyn. If you don't have time for shipping stop by on Sunday and scoop up some of these chains.  

And who does't love new jewelry! From Enmeshed Jewelry beautiful rain droplet sterling silver. 

Droplets from Enmeshed Jewelry $40

However you celebrate Mother's Day, just thank your loved one, caregiver, mom, grandma, or nanny.  

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms!

Tracey  |