Modern Metal: The Art of the Blacksmith

Blacksmithing, the craft of making things from wrought iron and steel, can be traced back to the Iron Age~roughly 1200 B.C.~when prehistoric people first began making metal tools. Crude stone tools were most likely used to work the metal after it was heated in order to make necessary objects.  Historically, the blacksmith was a craftsman who could create and repair many things, including weapons, armor, as well as simple tools likes nails, chain, and hardware. Over time, blacksmiths became respected artisans due to the skill in creating his own tools and tools needed in other trades, making everything a community would need, from farming implements to kitchen utensils.

In the early 20th century, with many items being mass produced in factories, it seemed the handmade work of the blacksmith would no longer be needed, and eventually disappear. Nowadays, the craft has evolved into a fine art in which today’s blacksmiths produce sophisticated jewelry, architectural ironwork, sculpture, and lighting for the home, such as this chandelier designed by Ironton Forge.

The traditional craft of the blacksmith has been revived by these Etsy artists who design a variety of functional objects with flair, such as this knife for chopping your favorite herbs.

Today's  blacksmiths employ traditional and innovative forging processes using iron, steel, and other metals to create objects which celebrate the tradition. These objects, while once considered a necessity, now can be enjoyed as a work of art in itself. 

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