Inspired by Travel (Etsy shops features!)

This past month I sent out a call for travel inspired creations among our Etsy NY team members.  I was fascinated by how differently we translated our inspirations, and awed by the variety of talent in the group!

Some designers learned and collected materials as they went from country to country.  And by far the best example is by Saskia from SdVDesigns.

I have traveled extensively across Asia and beyond where I have sought out local markets and craftspeople. New journeys with exciting new artisans and vendors opened my eyes to metals and glass from West Africa, lapis and pendants from Afghanistan, wood from the Philippines and Bali, and stunning Thai silver. I collect materials that inspire me from across the globe and tie them together with my own style that integrates old and new world sensibilities. Each finished piece tells the story of its origins and makes a bold statement for the wearer.
— Saskia de Vries

Meanwhile something that never occurred to me (but makes so much sense!) was to create conveniences for these trips. Ilaria from Body Stuff and Susan from Naturally Susan’s both had their take on handmade products that would pamper and revitalize the tired travelers.

I have always travelled. A lot, and everywhere, for fun, work, or to visit family. Every single time I was putting together my beauty-case I’d get frustrated at the amount of tiny bottles, jars, sprays, and nonsense I thought I had to carry with me. As soon as I started my skincare line, with the aim to simplify the beauty routine, I knew I had to create a multipurpose product. Thus enters TONE N CLEAN, my traveling best friend (I even take it backpacking!). Tones, firms the skin, gives me a glow, moisturizes, and I use it instead of soap to cleanse.
— Ilaria Tarozzi
Naturally Susan’s products are travel-friendly, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free. Susan started making skin care products for herself because she wanted chemical-free and fragrance-free beauty care suitable for her sensitive skin. And, drawing from her extensive travels, Susan designed her products to be effective since travel and travel environs can be drying for your skin. And to help minimize your travel bags and carbon footprints, Susan’s products are versatile so they can be used for all-over-body, and long lasting so they’ll last your travels. Naturally Susan’s product are handmade by Susan in NYC.
— Susan Ng

And then there are the sellers and artists that materialized the sensations of adventure and beauty in their travels into drawings and home decor.

Life is Balance

When I travel to scuba dive, I take both underwater photos as well as scenic photos of my travels. From the underwater photos I create artwork that rings a bit of the underwater world into my shop. Here are some examples of scarves, throw pillows and wall art inspired by my tropical travels.
— Sheryl Checkman
Rarely do I get to see the true fall foliage. It definitely gets me in the mood to start designing and making seasonal aprons and napkins. Thanksgiving and Christmas, a time when friends and families come together to celebrate at the table.
— Tracey Toole
My favorite thing about traveling outside of the U.S., especially to a country where I am not familiar with the language, is the newness of everything. I consider a trip abroad to be a cleansing of the senses. When I see, smell, hear, and taste new things I am taken away from what I know and this has often led to fresh ideas once I return home. After a trip to Paris, one of my first greeting card ideas gave birth to Adele (on the Paris Rain card). I received such a strong response to her image I went on to create more artworks and build a story around her.
— Nancy Sampson
I lived in Tasmania for 3,5 yrs, and inspired by my time there I created a series of Tasmania inspired birthday cards.
— Malou Zuidema

But perhaps what struck a chord with me most was the hometown nostalgia inspired creations.  I moved from Taiwan to the U.S. so long ago that I forget that I'm already a constant traveller.  When traveling and new adventures become the everyday norm, then a taste of home is what I often crave the most.  So I was very touched by these members that created products that honor their homes and heritage.

Spice Tree Organics

Our 100% organic Middle Eastern Shawerma blend was inspired by the Middle East’s favorite street food- Shawerma! Shawerma stores are found on streets throughout Egypt and are the sandwiches are so much tastier than what you get here in the states. We spent months perfecting our blend- it has 11 different spices that combine for highly flavorful, aromatic flavor bomb - so that everyone could replicate that Middle Eastern deliciousness at home.
— Doaa E.
The search for inspiration has taken me to some far-flung places in the world. I have climbed mountains to find ancient petroglyphs on maraes in Tahiti, learned kanji calligraphy in a third-grade classroom in Japan, and met a sculptor who can drive his wooden Ferrari through Venetian canals! Learning about the art of many cultures inspires me to create using almost anything. This particular piece is inspired by my Italian heritage, and is a tribute to the amazing country of Italy.
— Nicoletta S.
From my travels back to my native island, Corsica, I gathered this hay corn and made a casting of it. Those earrings are a tribute to the hay corn’s beautiful shape and texture inside out.
— Sandrine B.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this gives you a greater appreciation of our members, and how their creations came to be.  And if ever inspiration is just not coming to you, get up and travel!

'My eyes are looking down the road, soon my heart will follow, and if my body does not go, those parts of me will die forever.' - Eugenia Y. (Moobury)

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