Indoor Plantings

New York City is expecting it's first big snow fall of the season and the weather has been quite chilly!  I find myself craving citrus and water.  I can't seem to get enough of oranges, grapefruits and glasses of agua! I look outside and see my garden sleeping. Although the plants are also snoozing for the winter it still looks beautiful and peaceful.  I have few indoor plants, the air is so dry in my apartment, I have trouble keeping things alive.  But I continue to work at it.  And this winter on my kitchen table I am holding onto the Christmas berry centerpiece.  Also dried out and beautiful. 

Whether you have dried, fresh or living plants in your home there are so many beautiful pots and planters to brighten up your home during hibernation season.

Want to do some diy this weekend and have copper piping laying around.  Ok it's a possibility.  Pinterest is filled with ideas! 

Mid-century modern planters can usually blend well with any decor. 

Do you have a favorite indoor planter? Or plants? Are you growing herbs this winter in a sunny kitchen window?  Show us your pictures! 

Enjoy the snow and your weekend!

Tracey  |