Stunning Silhouettes

Photos by Margaret Houston

Today I came across an article in Garden & Gun magazine about a homeowner in Charleston, South Carolina that has used over 100 beautiful silhouettes to an amazing feature wall in her home. Event designer Calder Clark has been gathering silhouettes since she was 16 and there is no doubt her collection is stunning. Etsy is a wonderful resource for this art form and a great place to start building a collection of your own!

This custom gold foil silhouette is from one of my all time favorite Etsy shops Le Papier Studio. I love they modern approach to the classic silhouette art form. It's a wonderful gift for that newly engaged couple in your life!

In addition to paper products,  Le Papier Studio also offers custom silhouette jewelry. Perfect for a new mom, grandmother or your best friend. 

If you're looking to incorporate pets into your display check out Linen Workshop. They offer printable download silhouettes as well as the traditional hand cut paper. It's great because depending on your timeline and budget you can choose the solution that is right for you!

And if you just can't get enough of the vintage vibe visit The Community Forklift. They have this a one-of-a-kind beauty available now! 

Best of luck and I hope you enjoy building your own collection of beautiful silhouettes!