Best Travel Bags for A Long Weekend Away

If you're headed away for a long weekend this summer, you'll need a bag in which you can fit everything you need and even everything you think you need (like five pairs of shoes for a three day weekend -- we've seen it happen). The following bags were picked to help you pack seamlessly for your long weekend away.

Girl Candy offers monogrammed nylon bags in many colors and you can even get a small travel case to match.

This handmade leather bag by Shop Azul has compartments to keep all of your items organized for your trip. This doubles as excellent carry-on luggage.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 5.59.52 PM.png

We love this large tote bag from Roses Handbags because it is made from waterproof canvas, which means if you're traveling to the beach, your items will stay dry.


If you're looking to treat yourself with a beautiful travel bag that you'll have forever, then the Medicine Travel Bag by Leatherfinerwork is for you. It's simply an exquisitely handmade bag and it comes in a dark brown and honey natural stain.

By Kate Davey