Summer Color Palettes

above image from Bodie and Fou

With warm weather, gardening and numerous outdoor events, comes a whole feeling of revival.  Being an indie business designer I work closely to seasonal timelines.  This past spring I started working on my summer product.  Sometimes it is a challenge creating palettes for the warm weather when it is still in the 40's but magazines are my savior. Summer is a time when you can really go bold with however you apply color; your interiors, your garden, your clothing, or sometimes individual things like a new set of bathroom towels, new pillows, new napkins. 

collection of tear sheets

the beginning of my pantone wall. 

I have quite the collection of pantone chips from my days as a mens sportswear designer.  It's nice to have a visual and helps me keep focused.  Once I start sewing I tend to sometimes start redesigning which slows the whole process and results in a cluttered palette.

Even if you are recreating your room, kitchen or want something to make you feel good. Tape a few pictures to your wall.  It helps when working inside on a beautiful sunny day.

Happy Friday!