Planning the Perfect Picnic

I’m so excited that summer is truly upon as after a long season of cold inconsistent temperatures!   Summer season implies dining alfresco, beach excursions and of course, enjoying a picnic in the park!

Manhattan and the surrounding area is no stranger to parks – despite it being a concrete jungle, there are plenty of hidden parks scattered throughout the city. Take the time to explore and you’ll be sure to find the perfect picnic spot!

Whether you are planning for a special occasion or just a casual gathering of friends, here is a list to help you plan the perfect picnic.

The Menu

As this is the most important aspect of a picnic, you’ll want to plan your menu carefully.  Select foods that can be prepared in advance, served at room temperature and that travel well.   Avoid foods that require sauces or condiments and require cutting. In fact hand-held food is best or select foods that can be eaten with just a fork. 

Containers, Tableware

Be environmentally friendly and avoid plastic wrap and throwaway containers.  Instead, opt for eco-friendly takeout food trays made from sugarcane (a renewable resource), colorful baking dishes, tins or other lightweight containers. 

Remember to include other necessities like napkins (cloth if possible), tea towels, tablecloth and a picnic blanket!  If you don’t have a picnic basket, pack items in canvas bags.  Use an insulated bag for any food items that need to remain chilled.

Remember to clean up after you’ve enjoyed your picnic.  Pack trash bags, moist toilettes and paper towers. 


A picnic can be an opportunity to relax and engage in conversation with your guests or perhaps you have an afternoon planned full of activities and games.  Either way – plan your activities.  A picnic is also a great time to engage in simple crafts!

For more ideas for ideas and inspiration, take a peak at my Summer Picnics Pinterest board!

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