Spring: Living An Inspired Life

It’s official: Winter is over and Spring has come! Finally! I love this time of year. Actually, I don’t just love it; I absolutely adore this time of year. If I could grab up Spring and kiss its sweet cheeks I would (that’s face cheeks for those of you wondering, although I wouldn’t mind kissing Spring’s backside if that means it’ll show up on March 20th next year).

I also love this time of year because Spring is synonymous with hope. It’s the time of year we clear out the habits that no longer serve us and (hopefully) start new healthier practices. A practice I love is using quotes to inspire me to be my highest self. To that end, I’ve scoured Etsy for locally, handmade products that are uplifting and inspiring to all. Enjoy.

At eighteen dollars this tote bag by Pink Olive, is a great deal and reminds you to be kind to yourself. It’s a win-win.

This is one of my favorite quotes and Honey Bee Trinkets does a beautiful job of making this soulful quote into a necklace.

Your phone needs a case and you take your phone with everywhere. Why not find inspiration everywhere you go every time you use your phone? Rove Studio uses geometric shapes with this cool phone case.

Lucky Elephant Shop has created this clever reminder to hold a natural soy candle. If you just can’t feel inspired no matter what you read today, at least remember you always have your friends.

Live an inspired life.

By Kate Davey Love Notes By Kate