Apron Picks on Etsy

As a designer of aprons I have to admit I don't have one, specific favorite apron.  I do have a certain style I like.  I like a full size, long, butcher apron with adjustable straps and a few pockets.  I still struggle with do I want velcro on the pockets so my phone doesn't fall out when I am cooking or baking.   Then I think, I don't want to be carrying my phone.  But of course I usually end up carrying it in my back pocket. 

I've been looking at aprons on Etsy and of course being a handmade market place globally, there is quite a selection.  I chose a few of my favorites all domestically made. First up is from White Barn Mercantile from Southern Minnesota. What I like about these aprons they are a clean design, simple, and sturdy.  I am speaking from seeing the photos and reading the descriptions. But canvas which most of the aprons are made from is strong, durable cotton fabric.  Grommets will keep your ties held down securely. This apron would be good for a crafter, wood worker or gardener.  It may get a bit hot in the kitchen because canvas is a heavy fabric. 

Next up is this depression era style pinafore.  I think I may have a photo of my grandmother wearing one of these in 1934. A beautiful, simple and utilitarian fabric, linen is lightweight and sturdy coming from the flax plant.  This pinafore is great for the mom on the go.  She can throw this over her jeans and shirt and get down to cleaning house. Retrohome is based out of Florida and I like her shop bio, "reinventing simple". 

From Fayetteville, Arkanasa meet American Native.  If you work in a woodshop or with any other heavy duty materials where there is much hammering, sawing or other manly type things this apron is for you. Denim and leather.  Not just any denim but cone denim.  The best you can get in the US.  

denim apron from  American Native

denim apron from American Native

Do you have a favorite apron?  What do you wear it for? What do you love or hate about some aprons?

Have a great weekend!

Tracey Toole

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