Fringe it- Back to Basics- Setting the Table

Making fringe seems easier than it is.  If you would like to give a set of napkins or a scarf a casual yet sophisticated look consider fringing it.


fabric - scarf or napkins, yarndyed fabric is best

tweezers - used to pull the thread out if you don't have snippers

pins - long ones are best

snippers - tiny scissors used for embroidery or snipping threads close to your project

fringing in progress

fringing in progress

What's the best way to create fringe? Wash your fabric first.  Here I show a napkin from my own collection.  Take your square napkin and sew a 3/8" seam allowance around all 4 sides.  Cut a right angle into one of the corners.  Start pulling the threads.  Because of the grain, the thread may not pull out completely.  Don't worry.  Once the thread reaches the seam you sewed stop pulling and just snip that loose thread.  Go back to the beginning and pull the next thread. 

Fringing takes a long time and is laborious. But it does give a lovely, look.  I especially like doing it on yarn dyed stripes or plaids because it accentuates the colors of the design. 

blue fringe napkin

Have a question, let me know.

Tracey Toole