DIY Craft for Chinese New Year!

This year Chinese New Year falls on February 19th.  If you are celebrating this festive and colorful occasion, here is a DIY craft idea for you to try!

Fabric Fortune Cookies

I love any craft that involves fabric, so I was especially inspired by the idea of turning scarp fabrics into keepsake fortune cookies!  I originally posted this craft idea on my blog last January.  You can read the original post, here.

The process is quite simple.  Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Colorful fabric scraps
  • Felt
  • Iron-on adhesive such as Heat-N-Bond
  • Circle template
  • Gauge wire (20 ga)
  • Fabric glue
  • Paper fortunes

 Here’s how to put it together:

  1. Cut fabric, felt and adhesive into 5” squares.  
  2. Following manufacturer’s direction, use the iron-on adhesive to fuse the fabric to the felt.
  3. Trace the circle template on the fabric square and cut out.
  4. Cut a piece of wire and felt slightly shorter than the width of the circle. Glue the wire to the felt piece and glue both to the center of the circle, wire side down. Let it dry.
  5. Place the paper fortune inside the circle. Fold the circle in half along the wire. Then bring the ends of the wire together to create a fortune cookie shape.

 Click here to access the downloadable template:  Fabric Fortune Cookie Template.


Post written by:  Rekha Krishnamurthi | | ETSY Shop:  DivineNYCo